Full-circle marketing designed to help brands build + grow.


We know that every good play starts with a great gameplan and that’s exactly what we help our clients do: make sure there’s a solid base from which sound marketing can be built, managed, and continue to grow, with impact. Working with marketing leaders and teams, our marketing agency can help you:

Define the Brand

More than a logo, we help define and refine what your brand is and who it matters most to (and that can also mean a new logo, which we can make happen, too!)

Create a Strategic Plan

We help craft the go-to-market gameplan to help you hit your sales, marketing and growth goals.

Generate Marketing Assets

Whether it’s a new website, fresh sales collateral, or creative content, we help develop creative assets to bring your brand to life.

Implement Campaigns

From social media and SEM to events and communications, we help lead campaigns across digital and traditional channels.

Optimize to Improve

Driven by data, we leverage in-market performance KPIs as well as qualitative and quantitative research, as needed, to ensure continuous marketing optimization.

Learn and Grow

 As Fractional leadership, workshop facilitators, or team coaches, we can help you grow your in-house marketing capacity to support your scalable growth.

Don’t Bunt.
Aim It Out of the Park.

-David Ogilvy

When David Ogilvy started his agency, he built it on the belief that marketing has impact when it matters – when it has human connection. This comes from understanding what drives your customers and connecting to your brand value. Every at-bat is a powerful opportunity to score. It’s the little wins along the way, those on-base hits that keep you moving – that’s where we learn what’s working and how to adjust what’s not so that we can continue knocking it out of the park with you.

Like Ogilvy, we believe that the knock-it-out-of-the-park moments come when you set your aim, find your focus, ground into what you’ve learned, and swing big! This is in every fibre of what we do at Wheelhouse Marketing: coach client leaders and teams on setting, adjusting, and tweaking their marketing form, finding the right position, and zeroing in on the unique power that makes your team a heavy hitter.

We aim big and build steady: focused on strategy, centred on creativity, rooted in relationships, and driven by data.


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The Work We Do

Plan > Make > Do > Learn

We work with clients across industry sectors, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Professional Services

Connect with us to see how we can help your brand grow in your markets.

Happy Clients Make Us Happy!

“If you are in a highly competitive environment and want an edge, [Wheelhouse] is ideal to facilitate and write your company’s long-term planning and marketing strategy.”
Director of Community Services
ON, Canada
“Kayley and her team would be a valuable contribution to any startup that is looking for a digital marketing team that can wear multiple hats.”

Founder & CEO,
AB, Canada
“A roll-up your sleeve partner…bringing company marketing from bland and unimpressive to highly impactful across digital channels, organic channels, email marketing, and paid advertising.”
Entrepreneur & Post-Secondary Educator
BC, Canada

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