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Game Changers: The Economic Force of Women’s Sports Marketing

It’s been almost a week since this year’s Madness and I can’t stop thinking about what a shift we got to witness in women’s sports.

πŸ₯‡ We saw impressive records broken by players, coaches, and fans. As a basketball fan, you love to see it.

🌟 We saw a shift in how the media covered women’s sports, with headlines and stories that started giving female athletes the attention they deserve. As a woman, I love seeing other women succeed in the spotlight.

πŸ’° And, more than that, we saw huge growth in the business of sports: the economic potential (now proven impact) of women excelling became undeniable. As marketing nerd, I am maybe MOST excited about this!

TOGETHXR pulled together a great summary of some big numbers from this year’s dance that put into frame how impressive it really was:

πŸ€ 1.9M average viewership for ESPN’s Selection Sunday (52%+ from 2023)
πŸ€ 18,300 fans sold out the Championship Game
πŸ€ Nearly 100 advertisers + 30 sponsors sold out ESPN’s lineup for the Championship Game
πŸ€ $25M estimated economic impact for the city of Cleveland, according to the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

Source: TOGETHXR, “By The Numbers: March Madness 2024”

In another study, Deloitte forecasts that the “revenue generated by women’s elite sports will surpass US$1 billion for the first time” (US$1.28 billion total projected), with over half of this being driven by commercial revenues.

Source: Deloitte Insights, “Women’s elite sports: Breaking the billion-dollar barrier”

The opportunity is there. I can’t wait to see momentum grow in other arenas for women in the business of sports.