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Ink to Impact: Crafting a Winning Brand Marketing Strategy for a New Book Launch

Client Case Study:

How we helped an expert in executive leadership craft a clear launch marketing strategy for a new leadership methodology, book, and brand.

Leveraging decades of executive leadership experience in organizations such as Xerox, IBM and the Entrepreneurial Organization System (EOS), Ted Bradshaw developed a comprehensive, self-guided system for personal development centred on his book: “Stop Chasing Squirrels: 6 Essentials to Find Your Purpose, Focus and Flow”. Ted approached us for strategic support to make the launch of his book a success. 

We worked with Ted to develop a clear strategy for his methodology, book, and brand. This included work to: 

Image of book by Alberta author and leadership expert Ted Bradshaw. Book title is Stop Chasing Squirrels: 6 Essentials to Find Your Purpose, Focus and Flow
  • Clarify the value proposition
  • Identify and understand target audiences 
  • Prioritize key messages by audience and need 
  • Support, focus and align opportunities through market research 
  • Establish clear brand attributes and position 

Based on our strategy, we created multiple campaign frameworks aligned to the top priority audiences, with recommendations for content messaging, timelines, budgets, and distribution channels, including: 

  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising for search and social
  • Lead acquisition landing pages 
  • Email marketing 
  • Blog content, on- and off-site 
  • Media and PR opportunities 
  • Conversion path tracking 
  • Channel metrics to measure 

Our first project was completed, but we continued working together to design a new website, including its structure, brand identity, and key page templates.  

“Working with Wheelhouse helped us launch my new book and new website with a clear, focused approach. They helped us get a workable strategy in place that was easy to implement and scale as we continue to grow.”

– Ted Bradshaw, Author, Speaker, Expert EOS Implementer™

Learn more about Ted Bradshaw and his top-rated book, “Stop Chasing Squirrels: 6 Essentials to Find Your Purpose, Focus and Flow” at tedbradshaw.com.