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Brand Health Check Up: Ensuring Consistency Across Every Touchpoint

January. Usually, ’tis the season for resolutions focused on personal health – resetting, realigning, and rebuilding habits for a healthier physical and mental lifestyle. But as we settle into the new year, amidst the theme of renewed commitment to personal well-being, it’s also the perfect time to turn attention to another aspect of health: the health of your business and, specifically, of your brand.

Campaigns, events, and communication strategies are important aspects of everyday business but don’t forget about the core of your marketing efforts: your brand.

Just as personal habits and routines evolve, so too does your brand. I’d venture to guess that Today-You is not showing up the same way as 2014-You, or 2004-You, or even 1994-You. And maybe you’re not changing drastically (maybe you have!), but you’re also not staying stagnant – your brand shouldn’t either. That’s why, in this season of renewal and refreshed habits, it’s important to take stock of how – or if – your brand is evolving. It’s a living entity, adapting and growing alongside your business and the ever-changing landscape of your market. It should reflect the evolution of your business, staying relevant and resonant with your target audience.

A great first step in this process is looking at your Brand Consistency to get a stake-in-the-ground reading of how you are showing up for your audience. We have a handy (and free!) Brand Asset Checklist for consistency which you can use to guide this process if you don’t already have a process in place to check in. As you review the ways your brand shows up, ask yourself: 

  • Is it the same every time? 
  • Does your audience know what to expect when they see your brand pop up? 
  • Does it depend on [insert any number of common, totally natural factors that can cause an old logo, an off-brand color, an outdated message, a modified tagline, etc etc etc to appear in your marketing]? 

Having a consistent brand is crucial to creating a strong brand. It helps your audience recognize and remember your brand, understand what it is that you are offering and why they specifically would care about that, and, most importantly, establishes the trust in your brand that creates – and keeps – engaged buyers. Tracking your brand assets gives you an idea of how they evolve in different applications over time. It also helps make it easier for you to manage what changes have happened – or need to happen – that might alter the way your brand connects to the market.

Around here, we say (often):

Strong brands are built on trust. Trust is built on consistency.

If you are committing to your personal health goals in January, consider extending the same commitment to your brand. And even if you haven’t set any goals yet for the year, let this be one you start with. After all, a healthy brand isn’t just a reflection of your business – it’s a catalyst for growth, connection, and long-term success. Embrace this season of renewal as an opportunity to nurture and elevate your brand, setting the stage for a thriving year ahead.